Worksite Products

Worksite Products Include the following:

Cancer – No one likes to think about getting cancer.  But it will still affect 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women.  A Cancer and specified disease policy may not prevent cancer but it can help you manage high expensive treatment, preserve savings, and protect your family from financial hardship so you can concentrate on getting well.

Accident – On average there are about 2,330 disabling injuries every hour.  An accident can wreak havoc on your savings.  That’s why there’s accident insurance.  It gives you a cushion to help cover medical expenses and living costs when you get hurt.  Accident insurance can pay you a lump sum benefit for off-the-job injuries, plus some medical benefits.  It works in addition to other insurance you may have.  You can use the policy on its own or to fill a gap left by your other coverage.

Critical Illness – Sometimes medical insurance just isn’t enough to pay the bills.  A Critical Illnesspolicy that pays a face amount / lump sum if you are diagnosed with a specified illness can fill in this gap. This sum is paid directly to you regardless of any other sources of income (job-related and non-job-related), expenses incurred (medical and nonmedical), and any other factors. Generally, critical illnesses include stroke, heart attack, cancer that is life threatening, paralysis, deafness, organ transplant requirement, blindness, and kidney failure. Some policies pay a percentage of the face amount, for example 15 to 30%, if a less serious illness occurs or medical procedure such as a coronary bypass must be performed. The illness does not have to result in disability (total or partial); you still receive the face amount payment.

Long Term Care – This type of insurance was developed specifically to cover the costs of long-term care services, most of which are not covered by traditional health insurance or Medicare. These include services in your home such as assistance with Activities of Daily Living as well as care in a variety of facility and community settings.

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